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Stop Adani Coal Mine Now

‘Stopping Adani Coal is the fight of our Times!’

The Carmichael coal mine is a proposed thermal coal mine in the north of the Galilee Basin in Central Queensland, Australia. Mining is planned to be conducted by both open-cut and underground methods. The mine is proposed by Adani Mining, a wholly owned subsidiary of India’s Adani Group. The development represents a 16.5 billion investment.

At peak capacity the mine would produce 60 million tonnes of coal a year, much of it low quality, high ash…Adani said it expects the mine to produce 2.3 billion tonnes over 60 years. It would be the largest coal mine in Australia and one of the largest in the world*. Most of the exported coal is planned to ship to India.

The mine has drawn immense controversy about its claimed economic benefits, its financial viability, plans for government subsidy and the damaging environmental impacts: upon the Great Barrier Reef, groundwater at its site and its carbon emissions. The emissions would be approx. 0.53%-0.56% of the carbon budget that remains after 2015 to have a likely chance of not exceeding 2 degrees warming.

In July 2014, the Federal Minister for Environment Greg Hunt gave approval for the mine to proceed. The Palaszczuk Queensland Government is now the development proponent for a proposal to dump dredge spoil on land within the terminal site.

The Government-owned State Bank of India has signed an MOU with Adani that will offer a $1 billion loan to the project.

A number of major international banks have publicly ruled out financing the Carmichael Mine and rail project, or the Abbot Point Coal Terminal on which the Carmichael Project depends. This includes more than half of the top 20 coal financing banks globally.

In Australia, the Commonwealth Bank have not ruled out funding Adani. The National Australia Bank has explicitly ruled out funding. In November 2017, China agreed to fund the project.

The Queensland and Australian Governments have proposed various forms of assistance to the project. This is despite the G20 commitment to phase out ‘inefficient’ fossil fuel subsidies*.

Premier Palaszczuk said she is ‘absolutely committed’ to the project going ahead and called for federal funding for the rail line.

There is an implication via the federal Budget’s Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility 2015-16 that infrastructure for the Adani mine will go ahead.

*A Greenpeace report showed the output from Carmichael would exceed the yearly carbon dioxide emissions from fuel combustion.

The mine will also use groundwater that flows to the surface during the process of ‘dewatering’ the open cut pits and underground mines.

The mine is also a threat to several endangered species.

There have been a number of legal challenges to the project, including ‘Native Title Claims’. Environmental Law etc.

These have been unsuccessful.

Legal Advice given to the Australian Conservation Foundation indicates there are clear options to review and if necessary revoke the federal environmental approval for the dirty Adani coal mine. (ABS 7:30 Report 28 Feb. 2018). This is with consideration of new evidence about damage to the Great Barrier Reef, our climate and native species. The separate advice was provided by the Environmental Defenders Office (Queensland) and barrister Dr. Chris McGrath.

Federal Environmental Minister Josh Frydenberg was sent similar advice about his powers under a national environmental law in June 2017. This advice was provided by Environmental Justice Australia on behalf of famed coral scientist, Dr. Charlie Vernon, in light of two devastation mass coral bleaching events on the Great Barrier Reef in 2016 and 2017 that were driven by climate change. (Australian Conservation website).

Our elected representatives have the ethical responsibility to stop Adani: ‘To not stop Adani and begin a transition away from Australia’s dirty coal habit is to deny the urgent need to cut climate pollution, secure a safe climate and protect the Great Barrier Reef.’

On the 7th March 2018, bipartisan political support on Adani was broken. Now Bill Shorten must commit to action.

‘State and federal governments have done Adani’s bidding and rammed through changes to both native title and water laws to ensure the mine goes ahead in the face of Indigenous opposition to the mine’

Traditional owners are the fighting to defend their lands and culture from Adani and the Queensland and Commonwealth Governments. They pledge to do whatever it takes to preserve their culture, but they can’t do it alone. They need assistance globally*.

What is the Political Game?

WHAT HAS BILL SHORTEN DONE? Little yet but behave ambiguously. Does he really have the fortitude? Probably not. It is all about money, profits from Adani in the future can be channeled to the further development of infrastructure. It involves billions but at what cost? We already receive billions in revenue from tourism to the Great Barrier Reef. There will be no reef! There will be restricted land rights; there will be no endangered species. Indigenous rights will be trashed and farmers rights and precious groundwater will disappear.

This is an International Crisis. We must go beyond the local to the global! Supporting Adani is in contravention of International Human Rights Legislation in relation to the Indigenous and Adani severely limits our future.

Politicians who support Adani do nothing but indicate their willingness to engage in ethical irresponsibility. Their compliance, their deferential treatment of the Adani Company is an International disgrace.

Top Adani Coal; join the movement at StopAdani.com. Join the Australian Conservation Foundation and invite the global activists to visit including world-known environmental scientists. Donate every last cent.

Di Edwards (Editor and Writer)

1. Referencing here includes Wikipedia, the StopAdaniMovement and the Australian Conservation Foundation


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