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SHOWCASE 2018 Acting, Music Theatre

This is not a social justice story but it is a story about young performers just graduating who will make their mark in the entertainment industry.

They will have a fight on their hands but in their own way on stage they will communicate to us in artistic terms the global predicament; the stories that interpret for us where we are going, what we are doing and how we can change things.

It shoves our minds into lateral thought.

These performers are well equipped, highly skilled but vulnerable and the general public must support them and project them forward.

I was invited to attend Federation University Australia, School of Arts, Arts Academy ‘Showcase 2018’. These were graduates bringing down the final curtain on their three years of study at the Arts Academy. I was the guest of ‘Upfront.com’, one of the leaders in the entertainment industry who had the job of listing the most outstanding performers perhaps to request that they join her listings.

The creative team behind the performances were Teresa Colantuono, Anthony Crowley, Kim Durban, Rainer Pollard and Eden Read.

Never have I witnessed such vital energy, such exuberance, such commitment and such skill.

Future leaders in entertainment were presenting.

Their road will be hard, arduous. They will audition with such enthusiasm and then be rejected. They will learn to have stamina and resilience. Gradually they will become empowered and engaged by production companies probably worldwide.

Please support these young performers at every available opportunity because in one sense they are our future.

Dianne Helen Edwards


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