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Shakuhachi water meditations

Shakuhachi water meditations (Tranquil Sounds of the Zen Bamboo Flute)
Producer: Sounds True 2010, Musician: Riley Lee.

Riley Lee has gained international acclaim for his ability to express the meditative mind
as music. With this CD Lee brings you ancient and modern compositions that capture
the essence of our experience of water (e.g the rhythm of the surf).

The shakuhachi flute was first introduced into Japan from China in the eighth century. It
has been used in a spiritual context since the fifteenth century. In the Edo period of
Japan (1600-1868), playing the shakuhachi was the primary meditative practice of the
komuso sect of Zen Buddhism. The Zen monks knew that playing the shakuhachi
released the mind and body in many ways and aided meditation and contemplation.

In today’s world of extreme stress, I can recommend this CD. The music is haunting,
unusual, powerful and incisive. It can easily transfer your mind into a more meditative
state if merely for relaxation or for the practice of meditation.

Personally, I have always found meditation difficult except in group meditations. With the Shakuhachi, I have been able to gain entrance to the Theta state. I can also
recommend it as a meditative tool when involved in creative expression, especially art.

-Dianne Helen Edwards.


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