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Introduction to the Poem “Holocaust” By Bettina Spivakovsky

This poem is in the style of a Villanelle.  It is Spivakovsky’s adaptation of the style.  It has a more modern framework.

(Spivakovsky writes “Having family that were forced to leave their countries of birth due to being Jewish and being from a people that throughout history have continued to suffer persecution, I chose this form of poetry to show the continuing pattern.)

The poem asks us to remember what happens when people lose their conscience and forget their humanity.



Happiness and future has been lost

When souls are taken away

Collected without measure of humanities’ cost


To forgive but not forget is heavier than the cross

Heaven and earth, Star of David display

Happiness future now lost


Lambs to slaughter, they piled on trains at a cost

And lives once precious know the darkness of day

Collected without measure of humanity lost


Arbeit macht frei, so not all hope was lost

The chimney alight on ovens spewed grey

Collected without measure of humanities’ loss


And from the ashes of Holocaust

Punish the evil to trace back the way

Happiness and future has been lost

But know without measure humanity’s cost.

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About the Writer

Bettina Spivakovsky

Bettina Spivakovsky has a B.Music Dip.Ed (Melb. Univ.) and a Post-Graduate Degree in Film and Television from Swinburne University.  She also studied writing. She has worked extensively in the electronic media including as a presenter/performer. She is the owner and creator of Upfront Entertainment and Upfront Events.  She is a music composer, writer, lyricist and producer of commissioned works. Originally Spivakovsky was a concert pianist.


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