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‘Motherless Child, Fatherless Child’ Foundation

1. We are in the midst of a modern plague, a moral crisis. Child sexual abuse including abuse via child exploitation and child pornography are endemic and uncontrollable. Always a global phenomenon, sexual abuse has been vastly exacerbated by the deployment of internet technology.

Child sexual abuse is in violation of International Human Rights legislation regarding the Rights of the Child.

It is ironic that the dark web which provides “hidden services” has its most popular provider ‘Tor’. Tor was ‘developed by the US military with a primary purpose of protecting government communication. Tor has three main functions – allowing users to publish and read information with complete anonymity, circumventing censorship and getting around the Internet filters, and providing access to hidden services, the dark web’.*

Tor has some very positive uses but the dark web is increasingly used by perpetrators for the exploitation of women and children via pornography and prostitution. Women involved with the latter are often survivors of child sexual abuse who are further re-traumatized and degraded. Government agencies and police work to close down sites only to find that new sites are created daily by internet savvy sociopaths and psychopaths.

It is a disgrace that the US military didn’t have the perspicacity to identify and determine that hidden services would be open to extreme abuse. The military abrogated their ethical and moral obligation inadvertently by providing access.

The sexual abuse of both women and children on pornographic websites is often violent. The level of violence inflicted has reached new levels of debauchery. Some victims die

International Human Rights lawyers should and may be working to have the dark web closed down, but their fight is massive.

I seek to garner support for the establishment of a Foundation ‘Motherless Child, Fatherless Child’ to try and address the problem in new and creative ways including by activism, the engagement of IT experts (even IT analysts) and the support of lawyers who address social justice issues.

I am open to ideas written in summary.

Part of the solution would be to lobby the US government to take more responsibility for the crisis it has created.

2. Another branch of the foundation would keep abreast of the latest cutting-edge research on paedophilia. Funding needs to be channeled into such research globally. What motivates a paedophile who feels compelled to abuse? Could it be biological, chemical, genetic or due to severe psychological trauma: damage to the neural pathways? Surely it is not just the ‘banality of evil’?** Research requires funding from government instrumentalities. The foundation would seek to subsidize such research.

3. I would also aim for such a foundation to specialize in the psycho therapeutic and psychoanalytic treatment of child sexual abuse victims, especially children.

Please refer to the explanation of the above via the link to the British Psychoanalytic Council: www.bpc.org.uk/sites/psychoanalytic-council.org/files/Mind-opt.pdf

At a personal level, I have found these treatments for more effective than other therapies. Unfortunately, they have not been widely publicised. For access to a therapist, please refer to your general practitioner.

*Ormsby, Eileen, The Darkest Web, Allens Unwin, 2018.
**Arendt, Hannah, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, Penguin, 1994.

The above ideas are ambitious but they are not a folly. A drop of water becomes a ripple which becomes a wave which becomes an ocean.

Footnote: This is ambitious but it’s not a folly. The world is full of infinite possibilities. It only takes a few ripples to create waves that become an ocean.

I seek responses written in summary to the ideas I have projected. I value your input. Please submit your thoughts to via email to dianne@writeonjustice.com.


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