I welcome you to this site and our magazine “Write On Justice” which deals with all issues relating to social justice across a wide spectrum. As you navigate the site, you will gain further information on what we are about and our aims.

We also write material on methods of dealing with the global epidemic of stress which affects us all. Hence the inclusion of reviews of Carl Jung’s “Memories, Dreams and Reflections” and Riley Lee’s CD “Shakuhachi Water Meditations” (Japanese Bamboo Flute).

We aim to make this an interactive site where the reader has the opportunity to offer support, suggest ideas and provide constructive criticism. We request that these views be written in summary. We thank you for the support we have already! At present the magazine is free but with the intention of opening it to subscription eventually at a minimum rate.

Next year we will be offering products for sale to assist in the production of the magazine. All products will have a social justice message attached to them e.g. Posters, Tee shirts, Badges, Bookmarks etc.

Di Edwards