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My expertise has always been in communication via writing, music, art and electronic media. I majored in music, history, and philosophy of science at University and then wrote history books. However, I was drawn back to the creative. I have specialized in the arts in electronic media, institutions and my own business. I am drawn to artists, their inspirations and motivations. I also seek out those who address injustice and psychic pain, even suffering.

Having a history of sexual abuse and the consequent desire to eliminate pain through addiction and compensating behaviors etc, I have sought to overcome these problems through psychotherapy, and then psychoanalysis. These analytic theories and systems intrigue me.

I now seek to work as an activist in the field of child sexual abuse and to try to eventually establish a foundation to address the issue globally.

My life has had many twists and turns including a spiritual quest which led me to the late Sathya Sai Baba who is now revered as God by Indians. I follow his motto ‘Love All, Serve All.’

My major interests are current rock and rap music, classical music, literary authors like Julian Barnes and DBC Pierre and anything francophile. The work of film director Lanthimos attracts eg. ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer.’

My favorite quote is from Einstein, ‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.’ – Albert Einstein in a Letter to his son Eduard, February 5, 1930.

Dianne Helen Edwards
ABN 457 080 10076


“We work in the dark – we do what we can – we give what we have. Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art.” Henry James (izquotes.com)

Career History

Journalist/Editor/Creative Writer
TV Interviewer, Producer, Researcher (Arts)
TV advertising copywriter/producer/director
Musicologist (Classical/Pop/Rock/Country)
Marketing Analyst and Professional Fundraiser
Historian (Published)
Visual Arts Specialist (Interviewer/Researcher/Writer)
Media strategist
Artists’ Model for Louis Kahan who was awarded the Archibald Prize for a portrait of Patrick White in 1962. (Substantial body of work).

(For Publications, refer Google)

Mobile: 0419 523 607
Email: writeonjustice@hotmail.com.au

Employment History

  1. Education Department (Vic) Secondary School Teacher
  2. University College (Melbourne Uni) Tutor Teaching History
  3. Australia Council (Commissioned to research & write 2 hardcover regional histories (Published and reprinted)
  4. The Sunday Observer, Journalist
  5. Deakin University Editor Off-campus Books related to all humanities subjects
  6. Oxford University Press, Editor
  7. ABC TV Interviewer, Researcher for Arts Documentaries
  8. Victoria State Opera, Publicity & Advertising Strategist + Professional Fundraiser
  9. Channel 10 TV Advertising Copywriter, Producer, Director
  10. Berry Street Child & Family Care, Media Strategist, Marketing & Advertising Analyst & Professional Fundraiser


Di Edwards & Associates, National Publicity, Marketing, Advertising to the Arts (1992-2000)

Work Experience

Production & Direction (Drama) BBC TV (London)
Pop Singing, Roy Sparks, Studios GTV Channel 9

Creative Writing

  1. Film Treatments & Concepts submitted to the Australian Film Commission
  2. Poet. Published in Anthologies. Produced by the Literature Department, Deakin University


Australian Society of Authors
Victorian Fellowship of Writers
Australian Journalists Association


I seek to raise awareness of child abuse on all levels including human trafficking, child exploitation, and child pornography.

I am an advocate for victims of child sexual abuse in particular for those who have suffered inter-familial sexual abuse (incest). As a survivor of incest, I am in a strong position to advocate for the establishment of a national organization to support incest survivors. Survivors of institutional abuse already have a splendid organization to support them. (CLAN). The Foundation I also seek to establish would address the issue of child sexual abuse globally.

(Please refer to FOUNDATION for the aims of such a body).

Initially, I aim to seek support for incest survivors from the general public and also to have an incest survivors rally and register their support for a new organization.

In the first instance, this support would be expressed through brief comments (including registration of email addresses) on Facebook and Twitter.

A badge is also being designed which expresses unity for victims of incestual abuse and will be available for sale on this site. All funds raised will be channeled into support for the creation of a national organization.


I seek as a survivor of incest to address the issue globally. Please refer to ‘FOUNDATION‘ for further information.

To the Core

hear me, hear me Iphegenia! Sacrificed to
the gods by your father, Agamemnon.
I am calling you down…down.

This website is dedicated to the little
disenfranchised harbingers of light who
live in the abode of death.
You, the tormented, the abused, the discarded

The enigmatic moon gleams for you, and
embraces your souls; the gleam of hope.


My email address is: dianne@writeonjustice.com and I welcome feedback, ideas, and concepts which must be written in summary.