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Dianne Helen Edwards


Freelance business operation.
ABN 457 080 10076.


Albert Camus

‘The spirit of revolution lies wholly in man’s protest against the human condition.’

As a journalist/published author and TV interviewer/researcher/producer specialising in the arts, I have had the opportunity to interview Australia’s leading artists in all fields.

I am a member of the Media & Entertainment Alliance and although I have specialised in the Arts, my academic record was across a wide spectrum and I have covered subject matter on a broad scale in the media.

I have a bank of writers working with me who all have ­postgraduate qualifications except for the medical practitioners who write for the site who have extensive education anyway.

My aim is to address social justice issues globally on this site and to cover artists in all fields who address injustice.

I do sometimes focus on such issues as domestic violence, mental health, child abuse, child exploitation and refugees.


At the moment the magazine is free.  Ultimately we would aim for subscription.

We are NOT a mainstream magazine.  The independent stance is for a reason.  We are not subject to the restrictions of advertisers or a large company structure.

We can rock the boat!  We can embarrass those who put others into subjugation and despair.

We will at times be threatened for our stance.  We don’t mind.  It means that out site is working!


I am an advocate for victims of sexual abuse in particular for those who have suffered inter-familial sexual abuse (Incest).

As a survivor of Incest, I am in a strong position to advocate for the establishment of a National Organization to support Incest survivors; to raise awareness of incest and to shatter the wall of silence that surrounds it. For now, I will call it “National Alliance Against Incest” !

Society is not kind to Incest Survivors: it’s a taboo subject and likely to raise the shackles of those to whom it is mentioned.

As a society today we lack empathy and will not tolerate anything that threatens societal family structures.  The Swiss psychoanalyst, Alice Miller (1923 – 2010) titled her last book Breaking Down the Wall of Silence.  It addressed this very issue.  Mention ‘Incest’ and you invite hostility, intolerance, a total lack of compassion and even insults.

The opposite is true for survivors of Institutional Abuse.  People rally in support of them and Malcolm Turnbull announced $600 million in compensation for victims of Institutional Abuse in 2018.  Institutional Abuse is non-threatening to the family structure.  Incest is treated by many of the general public as ‘a walk in the park’; hardly worth mentioning!  As one woman ‘friend’ said to me ‘Can’t you just get over it?’

The new organization will aim to support Incest survivors; to raise awareness that Incest exists and in the end to seek financial recompense from the government for each and every survivor.

The above will throw society into confusion.  Survivors of Incest can’t hide behind an Institution.  Many members of the public will react by saying ‘why should the taxpayer recompense a victim who was abused by their family?’

And so it becomes an issue of societal moral responsibility.  It’s immoral to allow a victim of Incest to suffer; to live their life without validation, for their suffering; to live their life without financial compensation so that they can receive the very best of care and treatment.

I seek support from the general public and from survivors of Incest.  I need survivors to rally and register their support for a new organisation.

Please provide support in summary via email to writeonjustice@hotmail.com.

A badge is also being designed which expresses unity for victims of incestual abuse and will be available for sale on this site.  All funds raised will be channelled into the support for the creation of a national organisation.

We are looking for qualified people to be part of a committee to represent the organisation.  Please contact us on ‘writeonjustice@hotmail.com’.



Many do not survive Incest.  They suicide, become addicted to drugs and overdose or become promiscuous, ending up in the pornography industry or prostitution.  Their lives become increasingly at risk and often they are subjected to violence.  They die young.  Their lives are lived in isolation from loved ones: there is no family support system.  Self-destruction often manifests.


The foundation I also seek to establish would address the issue of child sexual abuse globally.

Please refer to the heading ‘FOUNDATION’ for the aims of such a body.  It may not be possible to achieve all the aims but I seek feedback from the general public on the ideas presented.

to the core

hear me, hear me Iphigenia! Sacrificed to
the gods by your father, Agamemnon.
I am calling you down…down.
This website is dedicated to the little
disenfranchised harbingers of light who
live in the abode of death.
You, the tormented, the abused, the discarded
The enigmatic moon gleams for you, and
embraces your souls; the gleam of hope.

My email address is: dianne@writeonjustice.com and I welcome feedback, ideas, and concepts which must be written in summary.

Out now! A new magazine on injustice and social justice issues. These issues aren’t addressed enough in mainstream media. There’s everything from the ‘Stop Adani Coal Mine’ in Queensland to incest to child abuse, domestic violence, animal activism as well as a serialized novel, reviews of films, music art, photography and much more. There’s so much to come! We want to change things for those who suffer.

We want to ‘rock the boat’; make politicians distinctly uncomfortable.

We can publish the controversial because we do not have to conform to the restraints of advertisers.